Sometimes there are diseases or injuries that are more complicated than what our family veterinarians are equipped to handle completely. When these patient cases arise we can offer a referral to consult a board-certified specialist in specific fields of veterinary medicine such as internal medicine, oncology or dentistry. Below are some of our local specialists with links to their websites and what services they offer.

Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield for our local pet emergencies

Animal Imaging for small animal nuclear medicine, fluoroscopy, MRI and ultrasound

Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic for veterinary dermatology issues including environmental allergies or auto-immune diseases

Animal Ophthalmology Clinic for veterinary ophthalmologic needs including cataract repair or glaucoma treatment

Center for Veterinary Specialty Care + Emergency Care (CVSCEC) for neurology, internal medicine, oncology and emergency

Dallas Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery for veterinary dentistry concerns including feline resorbing lesions or oral stomatitis

Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center for orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, soft tissue surgery and rehabilitation

MedVet Dallas, Grapevine, or Richardson locations for cardiology, emergency, internal medicine, medical oncology and neurology.

Veterinary Specialist of North Texas for internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, medical & radiation oncology

TAMU Small Animal Veterinary Teaching Hospital for all forms of veterinary specialty medicine for our pets available